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1-How long can I stay abroad within the framework of the Erasmus + program? Erasmus student exchange program duration varies between 3 and 12 months

2-How do I apply to become an Erasmus student?

Announcement will be done twice in a year , especially in spring and fall semester. These announcements are published in Internationa relation office website and also hanged  on the clipboards of the departmets .

3-Could the Associate degree students benefit from Erasmus student exchange program?

Yes. Undergraduate, graduate ,  postgraduate and doctoral level students can benefit from the Erasmus student exchange program.

4-Can I go to any college I wanted in the Europe as an exchange student ?

No. There should be bilateral Agreement between the universities about the relevant programmes.

5-What is a Bilateral Agreement?


It is a kind of agreement which is made ​​as part of the Erasmus program between two universities for a year or longer, students ( undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctorate ) and / or lecturers can benefit from this agreement.

6-As a student of my department or institute can I start to make Bilateral Agreement?

No. Department / school / institute coordinators can do the correspondence.

7-Can I go to a university as an Erasmus student that has a bilateral Agreement with my university but not my department?

No. According to our university application, you can go to the universities which has deparmental agreement.

8-What is the Learning Agreement?

Learning Agreement is a document which shows with the course credits you will take at the university  

9-What is the academic recognition document and used for?

Academic recognition documents indicates the courses you received at the guest university and which courses they corresponds at your home university. It is a guarantee of the adoption of the courses that you receive after returning. The faculty should aprove this document and then it must be delivered to the registrar's office.

10-While I was in abroad as an Erasmus student, do I have to enroll in my own University and  do I need to pay my contribution?


11-I am supported by Credit and Hostels Institution. If I am accepted to the Erasmus + Program, would my credit cut off?


12-What are the documents I need to complete as an Erasmus student before I go?

You can find the related documents and forms on website of International Relations Ofice.

13-What kind of things do I need to pay attention about the documents?

Complete filling, date, signature, name and seal if necessary.

14-Do I have to do Passport and visa procedures myself?

Yes.  They are all your own responsibilities.

15-What is the apropriate time to apply for a visa?

Just after you are selected as an Erasmus student, contact with embassy of the country you will go, because the granting of visas in some countries can be up to 5 months.

16-Does the guest university find me a place to stay?

They do not have to go find a place to stay i, but in general the guest universities may help find accommodation for Erasmus students.

17-Which health insurance should I use?

Please choose the internationally recognized health insurance. you can make the insurance of the country you go. Content and scope of insurance must be done carefully researched

18-After the selection of Erasmus students, when will I receive the grant ?

You will receive 70% of your total grant before you go and the remaining 30% will be paid after you return and take the second OLS and complete the Mobility Tool survey. Grant payments may be delayed or withheld if the requested paperwork is not returned by participating students.

19-Will I attend the orientation program as an Erasmus student when I go to the guest university ?

Yes.Almost every University  prepare orientation program for Erasmus students.

20-Can I make changes on  the Learning Agreement  after completion of the course and after going abroad?

Yes, you can change your course by checking with your department coordinator

21- What happens when I failed in 2 lessons over  5 lessons?

After returning ,the failed courses are taken again.

22-Will  my  techniques and social facilities be the same with the students of the guest University?


23-How much Erasmus grant will I get ?

Your Erasmus+ grant will be based on various criteria, including:

                        1)The duration of your stay abroad

                        2)The country in which your host institution is based

                        3)The type of Erasmus activity you are undertaking

                        4)If you meet the criteria for widening participation/supplementary funding

24-What is the European Credit Tranfer System ( ECTS) ?

European Credit Transfer System is a credit system to be used to facilitate academic recognition .

25-Is there any Language Preparation course ?

In general there are foreign language courses which are organized by universities.

26-Can I participate in Erasmus at the end of first grade?

Yes. But it is recommended to be a part of Erasmus Programmes in the third grade.